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My First Aid Kit Recommendations!

First of all, if you haven't yet, check out my video on a first aid kit for travel, hiking or camping HERE! And I offer a class called Bumps, Breaks, and Bruises live and on-demand - you should check those out!

I get asked a lot of questions about first aid kits, especially as I've started to teach first aid classes. So I came up with an at-home and on-the go version! I've included links to Amazon so you can see what I recommend, but feel to purchase from anywhere!

At Home Kit (the big, luxurious kit)

  • Ace/elastic wrap - obviously great for wrapping ankles, but also to support splinting and other bandaging!

  • Aluminum splint - This is lightweight, packable, easy to use! It can help stabilize a fracture or sprain until you can get an x-ray!

  • Triangle bandage - One of my favorites, this can be used as a sling, bandaging material, or even a tourniquet (in case of life-threatening bleeding only, of course)!

  • Gauze - Having both larger and smaller sizes is a good idea - what you need might depend on the cut and how small your child is! Lots of gauze and pressure is your first line of defense for bleeding.

  • Medical tape - obviously for bandaging and splinting, but also can be pretty versatile

  • Heat Pack and Cold pack - for muscles strains or injuries, always have these around and ready to go!

  • Safety pins - for bandaging (again), draining blisters, or many other uses!

  • Tweezers - For stings, splinters, and thorns!

  • Alcohol wipes - to clean scissors, tweezers, or other instruments before use

  • Scissors - to cut bandages and tape, or cut away clothing in case of emergency!

  • Super glue (if desired) - can be used as skin glue for flaps of skin. Beware though - it burns, and you can definitely glue yourself if you aren't careful! Do not use anywhere near the eyes. Always wash the wound well prior to use


To-Go Kit

- Gauze

- Medical tape

- Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Benadryl

- Tweezers

- Safety pins

- Triangle bandage

- Bonus:

Aluminum splint

Bottled water - for wound or eye irrigation

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