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About Inspire Pediatrics


Laura Vanston, DNP, CPNP-AC/PC


Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitoner 

I'm Laura Vanston, DNP. I've worked in Pediatrics since 2006, and as an advanced practice provider since 2009 (dually certified for pediatric primary and acute care). I've worked in most settings from ICU to ER/Urgent care to primary care. Until recently I even had my own business as a CPR instructor!  Most recently, I earned my Pediatric Primary Mental Health Specialist Certification so I'm better equipped to identify and help kids with mental health needs.

Throughout my professional journey, it has become clear that the health care community hasn't done a great job taking time to answer questions and make sure parents or patients understand and feel comfortable. It can be very busy and appointments are short! But I think your experience can and should be better! 

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More About Inspire

Why choose a Nurse Practitioner? 

Nurse Practitioners are growing in numbers and qualifications in the USA. Many NPs are now completing their doctorate degrees and fellowships after graduation! We take our experience as a bedside nurse from a holistic, caring philosophy and blend it with medical knowledge to care for our patients. 

What services does Inspire Pediatrics offer? 

Inspire Pediatrics offers virtual care including video visits and secure texting (Colorado only), virtual classes and content including a blog and Instagram page (follow me at InspirePediatrics!) for free health information. More about plans, pricing, medical advice, and why telehealth isn't offered outside of Colorado here

Does Inspire Pediatrics take the place of my PCP (primary care physician)? 

Absolutely not! Inspire Pediatrics can help coach you through common kid problems and minor illnesses but having a PCP to physically examine and monitor your child's care is very very important. Virtual visits increase access and can help with many common problems but unfortunately can't take the place of a physical exam. I'll do my best to keep your PCP in the loop so we are all on the same page. 

When will Inspire Pediatrics be available? 

Telemedicine is available now! I've also released some classes with many more in development! 

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