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Private classes

I can come to you, equipment and all, and teach any of my classes to your group, family, or couple - all in the comfort of your own home!

I can tailor each class to suit your needs. 

Prices start at $300/class, depending on which class and how many people will be attending.

Group Classes

Baby Basics 
(Offered In-Person and Virtual)


Do you know what to do with your baby when you get home from the hospital? How can you help them transition to life outside the womb?


This class reviews topics like feeding, newborn sleep, tummy time, bathing, as well as practice with skills like swaddling, soothing and burping.


Express Baby Basics and Infant CPR 
(offered In-person only at Lily Red Studio)


Need to take these classes but running out of time? This one-day class reviews infant CPR and choking, as well as newborn care essentials such as feeding, newborn sleep, tummy time, bathing, swaddling, soothing and burping.


Infant and Child CPR
(Offered In-Person and Virtual)


This non-certification class reviews infant and child CPR and choking so that anyone can feel prepared!

Perfect for expecting parents, new parents (or any parent!), grandparents, babysitters, and anyone who will be around children. This class reviews choking and AED use as well as CPR for all ages. 

LIVE: Offered at Belly Bliss (register HERE for Belly Bliss only) and at Lily Red Studio in Wash Park


VIRTUAL: I drop off and pick up practice supplies (practice manikins, AED trainer) to your doorstep, and we meet online for class.

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Starting Solids Safely 
(offered virtually and in-person)


Thinking of starting solids? Have questions about Baby Led Weaning vs Purees? How and when do you introduce peanuts and other allergens? This practical class will help you gain the confidence to choose the method that works best for your family and have fun on your solid foods journey! Learn about solids, then have a refresher on choking relief and CPR! 

Juicy Bite
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