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Live Classes

Baby Basics (free!)

Baby Basics is a live virtual (online) designed for expecting parents, grandparents, or caretakers! It is designed to give you information to keep your baby safe and healthy from 0-2 months of age. Topics include sleep, feeding, swaddling, safety, and recommendations for medical supplies. 


Bumps, Breaks and Bruises
How to handle common pediatric injuries

Bumps, Breaks and Bruises is a pediatric first aid course designed by Laura, an experienced Pediatric NP with lots of Emergency Department experience. It's full of practical and sometimes life-saving tips on topics such as "When does my child need stitches?", "How do I stop bleeding?" "What should I do when my child gets a head injury?" and more! We will review skills such as splinting, stopping bleeding and ankle wrapping. 

Price includes first aid supplies to practice that are yours to keep! 

*If not in the Denver area, register at least one week in advance so you receive your kit before class!*

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Infant and Child CPR
(Denver area only)

This non-certification class reviews infant CPR and choking so that anyone can feel prepared!

I drop off practice supplies (practice manikins, AED trainer) to your doorstep, and we meet online for class. Perfect for expecting parents, new parents (or any parent!), grandparents, babysitters, 

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