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Telemedicine. Education. Virtual Classes. 

Welcome to Inspire Pediatrics, a different kind of healthcare platform. Advice from an experienced prescribing provider from the comfort of your own home. New fever? New rash? Stomach bug? No problem. 

If you don't live in Colorado, you can still access quality classes on demand! 



Hi, I'm Laura Vanston, DNP, CPNP-AC/PC. Doctor of Nursing, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. 

I'm so glad you are here! I love to talk to parents and help them work through challenges and questions. I started Inspire Pediatrics to empower and educate parents so they feel confident making health care decisions for their children. 

Education. Coaching. Telemedicine. 

With Inspire, you can choose from plans depending on your needs (or location). Education only, education and coaching, or Telemedicine (Colorado only for now!) 


Virtual classes



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