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Kids in Vegetable Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a primary care provider? How are you different than my pediatrician?

No, I am not a primary care provider. I don't do well visits (...yet), but I am there for everything that happens in between. I know that your pediatrician doesn't have time or maybe isn't always equipped to answer your questions (can you actually discuss how to start solids in that 20 minute visit?) Or maybe the default is to always make you go in for every little thing - when I know there is a lot you can manage from home, especially with some extra tools! I've discovered this kind of support can be a game changer for parents - less visits into the office, less time away from work, more time at home with your little one! 

What is a telemedicine kit and what's included?

One of the best ways to keep you at home with your kiddo is to have some extra tools and information. My telemedicine kit is designed to do just that! All telemedicine kits include: 

  • A camera otoscope - this neat little camera allows you to take pictures of your kid's ear so we can see if they have an ear infection! You can also use it to take pictures of the mouth/throat

  • Pediatric sized fingertip pulse ox - to check oxygen level and heart rate when your kiddo gets sick! 

  • Thermometer (because let's face it, yours will break in the middle of the night)

  • Nasal Saline (for congestion!)

  • Bulb syringe - suction the nose, clean out the ear, there's a lot of uses for these handy little devices! 

Extra supplies like tongue depressors, syringes, medicine cups, etc...because you never know! 


The telemedicine kit is YOURS to keep, even if you decide to end your subscription. 

How do I get a telemedicine kit?

The Telemedicine kit is included in all of my subscription support plans!


How do I cancel my subscription?

I'm sad to see you go! But I get it, and I hope you join again one day or call me whenever you need a sick or virtual visit! 


To cancel, simply email me! I just ask for 1 week notice to cancel before your subscription renews. I'd love to know an honest "why", so I can keep improving my service in the future :) 


Do you take insurance? 

I am able to take HSAs and FSAs for individual visits, since I am a healthcare service. But those rules do not typically extend to subscriptions. 

I have chosen to not accept traditional insurance because it really limits the care I can provide. I'd also rather spend my time providing excellent care to patients than in billing and coding! 

Can you take care of my child if we are outside of Colorado?


Unfortunately, no. There are a lot of laws governing telemedicine - if I'm not licensed in the state you are in at the time of illness, I cannot treat you. Anywhere in Colorado? Yes! 

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